Nico Bellarde
“She said take off your jacket. I said m

I was born in Brazil and moved to the U.S. at a very young age. I spent most of my childhood in Florida but just recently moved to California. I had the honor to play soccer at the division 1 level for Liberty University while  majoring in Digital Media Video, followed by a masters degree in Business Marketing.

I strongly appreciate the media arts, such as, photography, videography, and graphic design. Along with content creation, I have also become well-versed with website building, paid advertising, social media advertising, consulting, and email marketing campaigns. I love going on adventures that involve traveling, hiking, camping, and just about anything outdoors.  I really feel like I become the best version of myself when on a beach but I've learned to appreciate my environment wherever I am. I hope to continue learning and gaining experience while simultaneously helping businesses reach their goals. 

I discovered my passion for digital marketing by simply going out and creating content and telling stories. I later learned more about the psychological influences everyday advertisements have on consumers and became captivated by the idea. Tying in my knowledge in marketing with my skillset in digital media, my interest in helping businesses grow their digital footprint grew. My desire is to inspire others through my work and to help businesses achieve their goals through effective digital marketing.